For the diagnosis of urological diseases, first of all, examination has a very important place. In addition, blood and urine tests give us an idea about the diagnosis. Again, in cases where infertility is suspected, sperm analysis is required. Uroflowmetry (voiding test), in which we evaluate the urine flow, has a very important place in the diagnosis and treatment follow-up.

In addition, imaging methods such as radiological imaging of kidney, bladder and other urological organs (urinary system USG, Doppler USG, CT, MR), which cannot be obtained detailed information by examination, also help us in making the diagnosis and making the treatment plan. These imaging procedures help us in the diagnosis of stones, cancer, infertility, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Physical examination and blood psa value are important in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, which is one of the most common cancers in men. In addition to these, multiparametric Prostate MRI has recently started to be included in the guidelines. If deemed appropriate with these values, prostate biopsy is applied to make the diagnosis. In this procedure, it is aimed to make a tissue diagnosis of a possible cancer by taking a piece of the prostate.

In addition, diagnostic operations may be required. Diagnostic laparoscopy in undescended testis, diagnostic urethra-cystoscopy and ureterenoscopy in urinary tract strictures and tumors can be performed.

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